The Welding Institute- Technician – 2005

The Welding Institute- Technician – 2005

Technician membership of The Welding Institute is for technicians with knowledge and experience of welding.

To join as a Technician, need at least one of these qualifications:

1. An approved engineering-based Advanced/Modern Apprenticeship or equivalent work-based programme 

2. Level 3 National Certificate or Diploma in engineering or welding and joining technology 

3. Approved qualifications at or above level 3 in the NQCF (National Qualification and Credit Framework) 

4. Specific programmes or qualifications approved by The Welding Institute (e.g. CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector, IIW/EWF Welding Specialist Diploma and several others) 

5. A specific qualification or combination of qualifications submitted for consideration and approved by the Membership, Education and Registration Committee. 

Also have at least two years’ scientific or technical experience relating to the development of welding, joining or one of the allied processes.