AWS- CWI Welding Inspector Certificate-2001 AWS-CWI Welding Inspector Certificate-2004

AWS- CWI Welding Inspector Certificate-2001 AWS-CWI Welding Inspector Certificate-2004

The Certified Welding Inspector certification is more than a rewarding career. It involves great responsibility and remarkable skill demonstration. The CWI® is widely recognized, both nationally and internationally, and successful companies have come to rely on this AWS certification when ensuring the highest level of quality workmanship. 

The AWS-CWI Welding inspector course introduces a wide range of topics related to Welding Inspection, Quality and Safety and as listed below;

Knowledge and Skills prepare reports

communicate effectively orally and written

understand the fundamentals of SMAW, SAW, OFW, RW, GTAW, FCAW,

GMAW, PAW, SW, ESW and thermal spraying, soldering,

mechanical cutting, thermal cutting/gouging,

brazing/braze welding understand the fundamentals

of VT, MT, AET, UT, PT, ET, RT, LT, quality procedures and quality

audits/surveillance understand the fundamentals of welding

metallurgy understand welding symbols and drawings interpret drawings

Standards verify base material compliance verify filler

metal compliance verify filler metal

storage/handling compliance verify inspection records

compliance verify proper documentation compliance verify

base material and filler metal compatibility

certify documented results compliance

verify procedure qualification records

compliance verify welding procedure

compliance verify NDE procedures compliance

Procedure Qualification verify welding equipment appropriateness verify edge

preparation compliance verify joint geometry compliance witness

procedure qualification verify welding procedure

qualification compliance review and approve welding

procedures develop welding procedures

Performance Qualification witness welder

performance qualification verify welder

qualification compliance verify welder

qualification records compliance request

welder performance requalification

Production verify welder

qualification appropriateness verify production

welding compliance verify personnel qualifications

Inspection perform visual examinations verify

examination procedure compliance review examination

results compliance develop visual inspection procedures

(before, during, and after welding provide NDE inspection planning and scheduling

(before, during, and after a project) review welding inspection

reports verify implementation of nondestructive and destructive

evaluation methods prepare visual inspection

requirements prepare NDE requirements report

investigation results of quality inspection disputes

prepare destructive testing requirements

Safety verify safety requirements

compliance develop safety procedures and policies

Quality Assurance perform audits and surveillance

develop quality assurance plans prepare base material

control requirements prepare weld consumable control

requirements prepare audit and surveillance plans prepare

documentation control requirements

Project Management review contract

requirements review vendor proposal

compliance prepare weld inspection bid specifications

prepare purchase specifications determine vendor

capacity and capability select vendor

Training develop and provide a training program for the AWI develop visual

inspection training verify implementation

of visual inspection training develop and provide a training

program for the WI provide technical leadership for welding

inspectors develop quality assurance training program

verify implementation of quality assurance training provide

guidance and direction to inspectors for maintaining and upgrading

their individual qualifications